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Pixelated Family Portrait

This summer, I recently had the opportunity to do a family photo shoot with this lovely family from Trinidad who currently reside in parts of the United States and locally here in Calgary.  Amidst the Garcia family was the new ‘baby of the family’, the infamous Todos I really enjoyed working with the Garcia family for… Read More

Simple Outdoor Portraits | Using Fill Flash

Thomas and Holly wanted to do something nice for Thomas’s mother to celebrate her upcoming birthday, so they had decided to have a few simple photos taken along side his brothers. To keep things simple, along with trusted camera in hand, we needed to have the following: Off-camera flash Remote control for the flash Light… Read More

Engagement Photos | Riley Park

It’s so refreshing to photograph couples who are so entertain and keep you laughing throughout the session.  It was a blast to take engagement photos for David and Crystal, prior to their wedding in sunny Jamaica, a bit over a week ago in Riley Park.  Their free-spirited approach and antics towards each other often made… Read More

Dark and Modern Wedding Styled Shoot

  This recent styled wedding shoot in St. John’s Newfoundland was an exciting experience where I had the opportunity to work with various local vendors in the wedding industry bring together a successful shoot.   “We love when creatives join forces and produce wedding content that is inspiring but also something we don’t typically see…. Read More

Calgary Family in Ruins

Last year I had the pleasure of taking some portraits with the Fiddler family close to downtown Calgary.  It is always pleasant to work this family in that they are so down-to-earth, kind and they always seem to have the same ‘young at heart’ affection for each other every time I see them.   I’ve been fortunate enough to have taken photographs for this couple from engagement, wedding, maternity, first child Taya, maternity and finally meeting their second child Kane.  I typically sound corny around this couple simply because I would hope to one day have a loving little family like theirs  as well as it’s just cool to see the family evolve at some key moments in their lives, likewise my photographing style.  I’m always thrilled to work with this family and I’m looking forward to meeting with them again soon.

Relying on natural lighting and doing our best to avoid direct sun light, we had the photos taken primarily in the Rundle Ruins, because it provided a bit of a natural back drop with a bit of Calgary’s cultural heritage a midst the location.  For those of you who may not know, the Rundle Ruins is actually the remanence of what was reportedly the first real hospital in the city of Calgary back in 1894 designed in the Romanesque style according to an article written by Andrew Guilbert from Avenue entitled: The Story of the Rundle Ruins.  This is a great location and one in which I would recommend for those interested in locations, within the city, that have variety to offer in terms of backdrop settings.


Rundle Ruins and Natural Riverbank Area

Calgary, AB

Family Portraiture



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