Pixelated Family Portrait

This summer, I recently had the opportunity to do a family photo shoot with this lovely family from Trinidad who currently reside in parts of the United States and locally here in Calgary.  Amidst the Garcia family was the new ‘baby of the family’, the infamous Todos

You think Todos is easy?! He’s famous and even has his own instagram page.Alana Garcia

I really enjoyed working with the Garcia family for two reasons: the first being is that they speak so candidly, love to laugh, they have that Caribbean spice and they have some ‘real talks’ meaning they jokingly tease with the understanding that no harm is intended.  Lastly, everyone came prepared to have a bit of fun, which makes my job that much more relaxed, as the posing structure gave way to a bit of social expression and candid photo fun the likes of which not even Todos was immune.  

The suggestion proposed by one of the sisters to hold hands in a row in fond reminiscent memories of earlier childhood days back in Trinidad really made me appreciate being a photographer, because it’s not always about the elaborate posting, but sometimes it’s about simplicity and the sentimental value associated to the image by those who know and understand the meaning behind the image.


Pixel Condominium

Calgary, AB




Model: Todos Garcia

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