Simple Outdoor Portraits | Using Fill Flash

Thomas and Holly wanted to do something nice for Thomas’s mother to celebrate her upcoming birthday, so they had decided to have a few simple photos taken along side his brothers.

To keep things simple, along with trusted camera in hand, we needed to have the following:

  • Off-camera flash
  • Remote control for the flash
  • Light stand
  • Avoiding direct sunlight where possible 
  • Use the early morning sunlight as hair lighting source

I enjoyed working with Thomas and Holly because they are so down-to-earth not to mention their astounding knowledge of fitness and nutrient. If you are a person who is very conscious about their health, want to lead a more active lifestyle and want to have an expand knowledge regarding nutrition, then you really need to learn more about Thomas and Holly at Inklien Performance. 


Edworthy Park

Calgary, AB




Website: Inklein Performance

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